Dance and Grow Rich

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Learn the Foundations of Web3 for Dancers. During this course, you will learn MOST of the components of Web3. In addition to upskilling your knowledge during the course, you will have the opportunity to execute ideas as part of Decentralised Dance aka DeDan and Metaverse Dance aka MeDan.

Welcome to Dance and Grow Rich
An introductory video on what to expect from the course.
What is Web3
Learn the evolution of Web1, Web2 to Web3.
What is Blockchain
A basic overview on what is Blockchain
What are NFTs and Cryptocurrency
To understand the features of NFT and the difference with cryptocurrency.
What is a DAO
To learn the paradigm shift offered by DAO for the Web2 sector.
What is the Metaverse
To explain the difference between the Metaverse and its different layers.
What are SSI and SBTs
To understand the key features of SSI and its implications for SBTs.
What is GenAI
To comprehend the huge shift in productivity offered by GenAI.
Become a change agent
To conclude the course and to invite you to become a leader in Web3 Dance in your community.

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