Learn Cadence: Beginner

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Learn Cadence - the most composable, easiest to write, and safest smart contract language. In this course, you will create your own Pokemon contract that allows you to mint, battle, and store Pokemon inside the smart contract and your account.

Cadence Basic Concepts
You will learn how to deploy your first smart contract, send your first transaction & script, and the basic types in Cadence.
Structs, Resources, and Contract State
Learn how to define more complex types and save data to the smart contract.
References, Account Storage, and Access Modifiers
Learn how to create a references, store, load, & borrow data to on account, and restrict functions with access modifiers.

Frequently asked questions

πŸš€ What will I know by the end?
πŸ”– What will I create?
πŸ˜‡ Who is this course meant for?
πŸ“š How does it work?
❓ What do I need ahead of time?