Start your adventure on the Flow Blockchain and Cadence by hacking real dapps.

2. Fungible Token

A DApp that lets users create their own fungible token and transfer them to another account on Flow testnet.

3. NFT Minting

A DApp that lets an admin create an NFT Collection and display available NFTs for purchase on a minting site. Users will be able to see their purchased NFTs as well.

4. Voting

A DApp that spins up an open DAO that lets community members create proposals and vote within it based on token holdings that govern the DAO.

5. Multisign

A DApp that allows anyone to deposit $FLOW to a DAO Treasury, of which admins must multisign actions to withdraw that $FLOW from the Treasury.

6. Groups

A DApp that allows users to create Groups, join & leave them, discover Groups, and chat inside of them.