Hello World

Change and read a greeting field on Flow Testnet.

🚩 Quickstart 0: Hello Flow UnitySDK

Learn to deploy a simple Greetings contract to learn the basics of the Flow blockchain, Cadence and Flow Unity SDK. We’ll use:

  • Flow CLI (Testnet)
  • Unity
  • Flow Unity SDK
  • Editor of your choice (VS Code is preffered)

We will be making a Unity project that will allow us to create a new greeting, modify it and display it.

📦 Checkpoint 0: Install

			git clone https://github.com/memxor/FlowGreetingsUnity.git

Next, open the project using Unity (recommended 2022.3.8f1) and run the project by clicking the play button in the Unity editor.

👛 Checkpoint 1: Log In

In order to log in with a wallet, you will have to scan the QR code.


📘 Checkpoint 2: Reading the Greeting

Next, lets read the greeting that is currently on Flow testnet. To do this, click the “Read Greeting” button.


✏️ Checkpoint 3: Changing the Greeting

Now lets run a transaction which will modify the data in our smart contract. In order to do this, input a new greeting where it says “Enter a New Greeting” and click “Submit”. This will initialize a transaction that will take a few seconds.


📘 Checkpoint 4: Reading the Updated Greeting

Now that we have updated our greeting, click the “Read Greeting” button again and confirm that the greeting has actually been changed.