Account Linking - Publish a Child Account

Takes the account which will be the child of another account and publishes it for the parent to redeem. The child account must first have been set up.

This snippet was taken from Flowty’s Developer Docs.

			import HybridCustody from 0xd8a7e05a7ac670c0
import CapabilityFactory from 0xd8a7e05a7ac670c0
import CapabilityFilter from 0xd8a7e05a7ac670c0

transaction(parent: Address, factoryAddress: Address, filterAddress: Address) {
    prepare(acct: AuthAccount) {
        let child = acct.borrow<&HybridCustody.OwnedAccount>(from: HybridCustody.OwnedAccountStoragePath)
            ?? panic("child account not found")

        let factory = getAccount(factoryAddress).getCapability<&CapabilityFactory.Manager{CapabilityFactory.Getter}>(CapabilityFactory.PublicPath)
        assert(factory.check(), message: "factory address is not configured properly")

        let filter = getAccount(filterAddress).getCapability<&{CapabilityFilter.Filter}>(CapabilityFilter.PublicPath)
        assert(filter.check(), message: "capability filter is not configured properly")

        child.publishToParent(parentAddress: parent, factory: factory, filter: filter)