Send Transactions using Unity SDK

			using UnityEngine;
using DapperLabs.Flow.Sdk;
using DapperLabs.Flow.Sdk.Unity;
using DapperLabs.Flow.Sdk.Crypto;
using DapperLabs.Flow.Sdk.WalletConnect;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using DapperLabs.Flow.Sdk.DataObjects;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class Transaction()
  private void Start()

  private IEnumerator CallTransaction()
    var txResponse = Transactions.SubmitAndWaitUntilSealed
      Cadence.Instance.yourTransactionAssetName.text, //Cadence.Instance is a Singleton Script, to learn more check out Cadence Setup using UnitySDK Snippet.
      //Parameters to the transaction example
      Convert.ToCadence((string)USER_WALLET_ADDRESS, "Address"), //Address Example
      Convert.ToCadence((System.UInt64)YOUR_NUMBER, "UInt64"), //UInt64 Example 
      Convert.ToCadence((decimal)YOUR_NUMBER, "UFix64"), //UFix64 Example 

    yield return new WaitUntil(() => txResponse.IsCompleted);
    var txResult = txResponse.Result;

    if (txResult.Error != null)
      //Handle Errors Here
      yield break;
      //Handle Success Here
      yield break;